SVLab 239

Lightweight.stable.and professional

Standard Tapping machine

Product name: Standard Tapping machine

Product model: SVLab 239

Manufacturer brand: SVLab

The SVLab 239 standard Tapping machine is a major equipment used for measuring building sound insulation and conducting laboratory research. It is mainly used to measure the sound insulation performance of building floor impacts, providing a stable impact sound source by simulating the sound generated by people walking on the floor or hitting objects.

This standard Tapping machine uses wireless radio frequency technology and can be remotely controlled.

SVLab239 can easily pass through walls and ceilings, and its integrated structural design not only ensures strength, but also achieves lightweight.

This product also supports battery and AC power supply, which can adapt to various measurement scenarios.



  •  GBT 19889.7 Acoustics - Measurement of Sound Insulation in Buildings and Building Components - Part 7: Field Measurement of Impact Sound Insulation
  • GBT 50121 Standard for Evaluation of Building Sound Insulation
  • ISO 717-2 Acoustics - Calibration of sound insulation in buildings and building components - Part 2: Impact sound insulation 
  • ISO 140-6 Acoustics Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building components Part 6: Laboratory measurement of ground impact sound isolation
  • ISO 140-7 Acoustics - Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building components - Part 7: Field measurement of floor impact sound insulation
  • JJF1652-2017 Standard Tapping machine Calibration Specification
  • ISO 140-8 ISO 140-8 Acoustics Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building components Part 8: Laboratory measurements to reduce the propagation of impact noise on standard ground cover

Application Scenario

Measurement of floor sound insulation

Material Sound Absorption Coefficient

Laboratory Study

Functional Characteristics

Impact signal stability

Adopting a precise mechanical structure and closed-loop control system, ensuring high stability of the impact signal.

Wireless Remote Control

Adopting a 433MHz remote control, it has strong wall penetrating ability and a free field remote control distance of over 100 meters.

Impact Hammer Status Indication

Display the status of 5 impact hammers through LED indicator lights to ensure that the impact hammer falls normally.

Temperature control function

The standard Tapping machine is equipped with a motor overheat protection function to prevent damage to the motor caused by high temperatures.

Built in battery powered

This product is equipped with an internal battery pack (lithium type), which can help operators work without any cables. The battery automatically charges when connected to the main power supply. A fully charged battery can ensure 3 hours of continuous operation.

Support Manual Operation

The standard Tapping machine can not only be remotely controlled through a remote control, but also supports manual control operation through the operation buttons on the front panel of the instrument.

Technical Specifications

Impact hammer

5 hardened stainless steel impact hammers

Hammer head diameter 30mm ± 0.2mm

Cross zone spacing 100mm ± 3mm

Impact surface curvature 500mm ± 100mm

Weight is 500g ± 4g

Impact frequencyThe impact interval between the two hammers is 100 ± 20ms, and the speed is controlled through a closed-loop circuit
Impact sequence1 #, 3 #, 5 #, 2 #, 4 # (1 # hammer on the input power side)
Impact hammer statusBuilt in drop hammer status and drop speed detection
Falling height45 mm (± 5 mm adjustable)
Supporting foot3 folding feet with rubber shock absorbers and adjustable height
Remote control433MHz, remote control distance>100m (free field environment)
Data interfaceLemo connector (supports communication and firmware upgrades)
Power supply method185-265VAC 50/60Hz AC power supply and nickel hydrogen battery pack power supply
Battery capacity4000mAh, rechargeable nickel hydrogen battery
Battery life
≥ 4 hour
Charging time
≤ 2 hour
Overall power consumption
Overheat protectionMotor overheating protection (90 ℃ protection, 65 ℃ reset)
Working temperature-10 ° to 50 ° C
Working humidity≤ 90% RH (non condensing)

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