Le 600


10-600 mL/min

Constant flow air Sampling Pumps

Product name:Constant flow air Sampling Pumps

Model:Le 600


The Le600 constant flow air Sampling Pumps can be applied to occupational health, public health, indoor environment, and laboratory gas release chambers to collect and detect gaseous pollutants in the air. It can be connected to various sampling media such as solid adsorbent tubes, bubble absorption tubes, filter material sampling clips, etc., to collect gases, dust, particulate matter, etc. in the air, in order to detect toxic substances.



The Le600 constant flow air Sampling Pumps is a portable sampling device with a flow rate range of 10-600 milliliters per minute, which complies with the provisions of JJF1404-2013 "Outline for Type Evaluation of Atmospheric Sampling Pumpss" and JJG956-2013 "Verification Regulations for Atmospheric Sampling Pumpss".

The Le600 constant current air Sampling Pumps adopts the advanced closed-loop intelligent control system LeAiOS, achieving precise and stable constant current sampling.

This device is equipped with a color touch screen and excellent UI human-computer interaction design, which can achieve various sampling modes such as manual/timing/constant volume/programming. At the same time, it can also monitor flow, sampling volume, temperature, and pressure indicators in real-time, and will automatically alarm in case of errors.

In addition, it can calculate and record corresponding average values and STP standard volume data.

It has a compact body, long endurance, and can withstand a back pressure of up to 33kpa, meeting the requirements of various sampling specifications. It is suitable for various air sampling occasions such as individuals, fixed points, and laboratories.

Functional characteristics


Cconstant-current control

The Le600 constant flow air Sampling Pumps adopts the advanced LeAiOS closed-loop intelligent control system, which can accurately control the constant airflow and maintain extremely high stability, ensuring that the flow error is within ± 5%


Error Recovery

When the sampled flow exceeds the deviation range or the gas path is blocked, the LED light will issue an error reminder and record the error time. At the same time, the system will automatically adjust the sampling flow rate and withstand voltage capacity, or perform intermittent restarts for recovery. 

Back pressure compensation

Real time detection of changes in sampling resistance to compensate for sampling flow, with a maximum load of 33 kPa.


Sampling program

Flexible sampling program settings and selection, manual, timed, constant volume, and programming.

STP volume

Built in high-precision temperature and pressure compensation system for correcting air capacity and calculating STP standard volume.


Extra Long Range

High energy density rechargeable batteries ensure long-term battery life of the instrument.

Flow calibration

Digital calibration, automatic load resistance calibration memory function.


Sturdy and safe

The system has a sturdy and safe protection level of IP65, is equipped with a system safety lock, and has intrinsic safety explosion-proof certification 

Color touch screen

LED color touch screen, excellent UI human-machine interaction design, simple and convenient operation.


Excellent design

Ergonomic design, lightweight and portable, anti slip and impact resistant, comfortable to wear.

Display interface

Run interface

Data record

Sampling programming

Main menu interface

Technical specifications

Constant flow range10 - 600 mL/min
Constant pressure flow range1-600 mL/min optional constant pressure multi tube sampling device
Constant flow rate error≤ ± 5% of the set flow rate
Load capacityMaximum load 33kPa, typical 15 kPa @ 500 mL/min
Storage999 sets, recording each sampling information for easy traceability
Battery packRechargeable battery pack, fully charged within 3 hours, with overcharge and discharge function
Run time20 hours (typical 500 mL/min @ 4.5 Kpa)
Measurement displayReal time flow (Flow), Sampling time (RT), Sampling volume (VT), Back pressure (BP), Temperature (T), Error time (FT), Estimated stop time (ET), Operating mode, Power, Date, Time, Data file
Operating modeManual, Constant volume, Timing, Sampling programming, Flow setting,Specified start time, Delay time, Sampling cycle time, Pause time, and number of cycles
Sampling calculationAverage sampling flow rate, Sampling volume, STP standard volume
Flow calibrationDigital calibration, Automatic load resistance calibration memory function
LED indicator lightGreen and red lights, Fast and slow flashing, Indicating normal operation,Incorrect flow rate, Charging status, Etc
ATEXIntrinsically safe explosion-proof
Protection gradeIP 65
LanguageChinese, English optional
Display screenTouch color display screen
Control keys1 physical Home key, Touch screen button
Work noise<42.4dBA
Work environmentTemperature -10~50 ℃, humidity 0~95%, non condensing
  • Vibrate 4Hz@30m/s,2h
  • Impact 500 m/s@(11±1)ms(GB/T 2423.5-1995)
  • Drop 1m(GB/T 2423.8-1995)
Size100 × 97 × 50 mm
Weight435 g
Base adapter
  • Single unit group, Three unit group, Five unit group
  • Charging and connection interface, LED indicator light
  •  Input voltage:220 VAC / 50 Hz

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